Short Course (Skills Program)

Training interventions directed at optimal workplace learning, equipping the learner with sufficient knowledge to meet a specific need in a particular workplace.

Distance Learning

A method of study taking place via the Internet, E-mail, Mail, etc., excluding face-to-face contact between teachers and learners.​

Online Learning​

A particular type of distance learning, taking place over the Internet and, amongst other terms, often referred to as E-Learning. ​

Google Classroom Portal

A learning management system integrated with Google Drive, allowing for paperless uploading, collecting and grading of learning material and assignments.

Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”​


A work based learning programme conducted over a one year period, comprising theoretical training as well as workplace exposure.​


A workplace skills plan addresses the training and development needs within a company, identifying training interventions required to address skills gaps within the organisation.


The Annual Training Report (ATR) is a continuation of the Workplace Skills Plan, reporting on education and training interventions that were delivered the previous year and monitoring training progress within a company.

Referral for BBBEE consultation

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