Adopt a student

In essence, Corporate Social Responsibility is the initiative to “Give Back” by investing in social projects that help to advancthe community in which a business operates.  Areas that are typically addressed include Health Care, Housing, Education, Safety, and the Environment. 

Smart business decisions can no longer be evaluated simply in terms of Rand and Cents and the financial bottom line. It is vital for companies to demonstrate social responsibility: Giving Back has become an integral part of the modern corporative narrative and the success of any business 

Social Responsibility is one way of increasing a company’s B-BBEE rating and to obtain some tax relief, but the non-monetary incentives far outweigh the monetary ones 

Statistics show that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of companies’ Social Responsibility involvement, actively seeking to buy their products.  Social Responsibility activities correctly monitored and implemented bring the following spinoffs: 

  • Adding value:  
  • Turning the tide of poverty; 
  • Changing one person’s life from hopelessness to being able to secure a sustainable livelihood and embracing a positive future;   
  • Building a well-educated and skilled South African workforce. 

These benefits can never be measured in Rand and Cents value. 

  • Improving Public Image, Increasing Brand Awareness, and Building Customer loyalty:  

Voluntarily contributing to social responsibility causes such as sponsoring studies can go a long way towards improving public image, creating brand awareness, and building customer loyalty. In today’s highly competitive business environment this is crucial in giving you the required edge over your competitors. 

  • Improved working conditions:  

Enabling employees to contribute to a higher purpose creates unity and synergy in the work environment, attracts more talent, and improves retention rates:   a happy workforce inevitably positively contributes toward establishing sound financial bottom line. 

We at SATDI are committed to providing you with the perfect opportunity to Give Back: sponsor an underprivileged student from your community and invest in the future of our country.   

Every student sponsored by your company contributes not only towards building a better future for that particular person, but also in developing a better South Africa by strengthening the economy and alleviating the devastating impact of poverty. 

Whether you sponsor only one student for a short course or a number of students for a learnership, your input will add value where it is most needed: educating South Africans. 

  • Sponsor a student/a number of students for a short course from as little as R500 (vat excl) per course. Short courses improve the likelihood of finding employment or, in the case of employed learners, improve work achievement, and enhance the opportunities to be promoted. On completion, the student will receive a certificate of attendance, that could be upgraded to a Certificate of Achievement at an additional cost; or 
  • Sponsor a student/a number of students for a learnership. A Learnership is typically conducted over a year period and comprises 6 months of theoretical training and 6 months’ work exposure. On successful completion, the learner will receive a National Certificate; or 
  • Sponsor a student / a number of students for a full qualification, paying for the entire qualification at once (pricing ranges from R10 000.00 upwards). This option differs from the Learnership in that in includes only theoretical training, and no workplace exposure. On successful completion the learner will receive an accredited certificate; or 
  • Sponsor a student / a number of students for a full qualification by paying only for one subject at a time.  This option will cost R3 000.00 (vat excl) per subject, and on successful completion the student will receive an accredited Certificate. Once the student has successfully completed one subject, he/she can move on to the next, until the entire qualification is completed.