A Variety of price options are available to suit your training needs.
You will receive a Certificate of Completion on finishing the course. You will have the option to upgrade to a Certificate of Achievement at an additional cost.
For more information regarding pricing, contact us at
For more information regarding pricing, contact us at

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Nated Courses (N4 – N6):

The following payment options are available:
Option 1: Pay for the full qualification (all four subjects); or
Option 2: Enrol and pay for only one of the four subjects at a time.

SETA Qualifications (L3 to L5):

Option 1: Pay in full ; or
Option 2: Pay 40 % upfront, followed by three equal installments to be paid at intervals of two months.

Our courses include only theoretical training and exposure to work experience is not included.

On successful completion of all the theoretical subjects, the learner will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. A National Certificate will be awarded only after proof of workplace experience has been submitted.

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The following alternatives are available:

• Option 1: Learner is offered a fixed term contract by a prospective employer and works on the employer’s premises for the duration of the learnership

• Option 2: Learner is sponsored by an employer, but is placed at the premises of another company, referred to as a host employer, where workplace exposure is gained.

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