More about learnerships

More about learnerships

A Learnership is a Work-based Training Programme to achieve a Qualification. Conducting a Learnership can impact positively on your organisation in the following areas:

✔ Learnerships are an excellent and cost effective way of significantly improving BEE ratings

✔ Tax rebates can be obtained.

✔ Secondary spinoffs, including:
      • increased productivity and less supervision required;
      • improvement of retention rates; and
      • substantial savings on recruitment costs and training of new workers
✔ By training their workforce employers furthermore contribute towards stimulating economic development and creating more employment opportunities, thereby building a prosperous nation.

✔ Last but far from the least, each individual employee benefits in terms of expansion of his or her skills sets and knowledge base, in doing so building esteem and confidence and creating a happy workforce. Our learnerships offer high quality training at the most affordable prices, tailormade to accommodate your organisation’s  particular requirements.   We can train employed or unemployed learners, conduct the training on-line or via distance education or face-to-face if you prefer, or via blended training, comprising a combination of the above methods. We can also refer you to the best BBBEE consultants in the industry.