Information Technology: System Support

Information Technology: System Support L5

The purpose of this qualification may be stated as: To develop learners with the requisite competencies against the skills profile for the systems support career path (The overarching aim being to develop a broader base of skilled ICT professionals to underpin economic growth) The qualification may be acquired in the traditional way of formal study as well as in the workplace, through learnerships.

Acquiring the qualification through learnerships has the potential of addressing the problems of the past, where newly qualified people getting into the industry struggled to get employment, because they were required to have practical experience. The workplace experience can now be gained while acquiring the qualification through the various learnership schemes that are planning to use this qualification.

  • Administer a local area computer network
  • Demonstrate an understanding of different computer network architectures and standards
  • Demonstrate an understanding of issues affecting management of a local area computer network (LAN)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of local area computer networks, by installing a networked workstation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of concepts of Multi-User computer Operating system
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Wide Area Computer Networks (WAN`s), comparing them with Local Area Networks (LAN`s)
  • Describe enterprise systems management and its role in IT systems support
  • Design a local area computer network for a departmental office environment
Quality Assurance Body: MICT SETA
Duration: 12 months
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