QCTO: Skills Programme: Workplace Preparation

QCTO: Skills Programme: Workplace Preparation (Level 2; Credits 30)

The purpose is to develop workplace skills for young and unemployed to capacitate them for employment opportunities available in the market. The workplace skills are normally not taught within professional qualifications. The training is geared to prepare the learners for the job market. The learner will have skills for searching for employment, preparing and presenting him/herself well when opportunities arise The learner will learn about: This course will assist you to:

  • What work is and about
  • Job search and interview
  • Expectations as an employee
  • Succeeding at work
  • Managing self and working with others .

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This course is made up of the Knowledge Component consisting of the following Topics:

  • Topic 1: Why work and Why You matter
  • Topic 2: Job search and Growth mindset
  • Topic 3: Know yourself to grow yourself
  • Topic 4: Expectations
  • Topic 5: Professionalism
  • Topic 6: Onboarding – Getting it Right
  • Topic 7: Succeeding in the workplace
  • Topic 8: Money Management I
  • Topic 9: Money
  • Management II
  • Topic 10: Time Management
  • Topic 11: Interview and Communication
  • Topic 12: Teamwork
  • Topic 13: Problem solving and critical thinking
  • Topic 14: Beat COVID-19


This course is also offers the Application Components consisting of the following Topics:

  • Topic 1: CV Preparation and cover Letter
  • Topic 3: Interviews role-play
  • Topic 2: Personal Budget development
  • Topic 3: Team work


Quality Assurance Body: QCTO

Duration: 5 Weeks

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