QCTO: Skills Programme: Computer and Digital Support Assistant

QCTO: Skills Programme: Computer and Digital Support Assistant

The purpose of this skills programme is to prepare a learner to operate as an IT Support Assistant. A Computer and Digital Support Assistant provides technical assistance to users, including diagnosing and resolving issues and problems with software, hardware, computer peripheral equipment, networks, databases, systems and the internet. This course will assist you to:

  • Basic digital skills awareness
  • Peripherals and their functionalities
  • Basic trouble shooting
  • Basic data recovery
  • Communication
  • Basic home set-up of devices and connect basic networks, remote support
  • Install and update software and applications
  • Green technology .

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This course is made up of the following short courses and group into five Short Programs:

  • Program A: Preparation for the World of Work
  • Entrepreneurial development.
  • Work readiness and communication skills.
  • Fundamentals of Health, Safety, Quality and Legislation.


  • Program B: Understanding the Computer Environment
  • Basic computer architecture: hardware.
  • Basic computer architecture: software.
  • Basic concepts of sustainable computer environment and green technologies.


  • Program C: Understanding the Assistance to Computer End-Users
  • Troubleshoot computer and network faults.
  • Social Media and Digital Literacy.
  • End User computing.


  • Program D: Practical Working Skills
  • Set up a basic computer business (Undertake small business planning).
  • Prepare quotations.


  • Program E: Practical Computer Application Skills
  • Provide support to end users.
  • Test functionality of peripherals, devices and consumables.
  • Conduct troubleshooting and fault-finding using SOP’s and user manuals.
  • Set-up a basic device and connect to a basic network.
  • Install and update software applications.



Quality Assurance Body: QCTO

Duration: 10 Weeks

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